Needs Some Introduction - Planet of the Apes / Under the Bridge / Sugar Deep dives into your favorite shows Currently Watching: A Murder at the End of the World Previous Coverage: Hijack The Bear Bluey Black Mirror Silo Succession Yellowjackets Your Honor - Showtime Poker Face (Peacock) The Last of Us - HBO Fleishman is in Trouble - Hulu The White Lotus - HBO The Consultant (Amazon Prime) The Peripheral (Amazon Prime) House of the Dragon Better Call Saul Severance (AppleTV+) Black Bird Shining Girls Mare of Easttown Nine Perfect Strangers The Boys Barry Moon Knight Loki Ozark Andor The Patient (Hulu) I recommend music, movies and TV to my friends and we discuss them. We do deep dives on whatever we are watching as well as music we are discovering (or re-discovering). We appreciate any fandom, so let us know what topic you may want to learn more about.

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Friday May 17, 2024
In this episode of 'Need Some Introduction,' host Victor discusses the final two episodes of Colin Farrell's sci-fi noir series 'Sugar' on Apple TV Plus, expressing disappointment and criticism towards its conclusion. He also provides watch recommendations, including a review of 'The Iron Claw' on HBO Max, 'Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes,' and an upcoming review of the 'Mad Max' series in anticipation of 'Furiosa.' Victor offers a list of noir sci-fi films that he finds superior to 'Sugar,' such as 'The Matrix,' 'Blade Runner,' 'Looper,' 'Dark City,' and others, highlighting their thematic depth and artistic achievements. The episode delves into detailed critiques of 'Sugar's storytelling, character development, and overall execution while juxtaposing it with the mentioned recommendations. Victor concludes by inviting listener feedback and teasing future content, including a deep dive into 'Dark Matter' and a discussion on 'Dune 2.'
00:00 Welcome to the Show: Breaking Down 'Sugar'00:21 Quick Show Notes and Watch Recommendations02:18 Deep Dive into Sci-Fi Noir: From 'The Matrix' to 'Upgrade'07:03 Exploring the Obscure: Hidden Gems in Sci-Fi Noir19:11 Breaking Down 'Sugar': The Final Episodes32:34 Reflections and Future Directions36:39 Closing Thoughts and Recommendations

Wednesday May 15, 2024
In this episode of Need Some Introduction, the host provides an extensive overview of the entire Planet of the Apes movie series, spanning from the original 1968 film to the latest installment, Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes. The episode kicks off with a discussion on the significance of the series, its cultural impact, and a teaser for upcoming show content including analyses of other series and movies. The host embarks on a detailed analysis of each Planet of the Apes movie, discussing their plots, themes, and how they connect to one another. Special attention is given to the series' exploration of philosophical questions, societal issues, and the evolution of the franchise through various reboots and sequels. The episode concludes with a review of Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes, noting its successful continuation of the franchise's legacy and the potential for future stories within its universe.
00:00 Welcome & Upcoming Episodes Overview03:34 Deep Dive into Planet of the Apes Series06:44 Exploring the Original Planet of the Apes (1968)13:22 Beneath the Planet of the Apes: A Critical Review21:37 Escape from the Planet of the Apes: A Surprising Turn27:19 Conquest of the Planet of the Apes: Rebellion and Satire31:27 Exploring the Later Planet of the Apes Films32:16 The TV Series and Its Impact36:58 Tim Burton's Controversial Reboot41:35 The Rise of a New Ape Era46:22 Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: A New Classic49:19 War for the Planet of the Apes: Expectations vs. Reality51:02 Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes: A New Chapter Begins58:38 Box Office Analysis and Future Prospects

Friday May 10, 2024

This episode offers a comprehensive discussion on various TV series, including recent episodes of 'The Veil' and 'Under the Bridge', both critically analyzed by the hosts. Additional topics include the premiere of 'The Iron Claw' on HBO Max, the announcement of 'Shogun' Season 2, and a review of the Netflix series 'Bodkin'. The conversation delves into the intricate dynamics of plot development, character psychology, and the potency of storytelling in communicating complex themes such as morality, trauma, and societal impacts. The discussion extends to exploring the narrative techniques and character explorations in 'Under the Bridge', highlighting the performers' significant role in injecting depth into the story. Moreover, 'Baby Reindeer' on Netflix is discussed, emphasizing the show's dark, psychological aspects and the real-life implications of its story. The episode wraps up with anticipation for upcoming shows including 'Eric' starring Benedict Cumberbatch, and plans to discuss ongoing series progressions and new adaptations like 'Presumed Innocent' on Apple TV Plus.
00:00 Welcome to Need Some Introduction00:03 Current Series Reviews: The Veil & Under the Bridge00:28 Recent Episodes & Entertainment News02:50 Spotlight on Botkin: A New Netflix Series06:37 Deep Dive into The Veil16:48 Exploring Under the Bridge25:25 Dissecting Character Motivations and Storytelling Flaws28:14 Cultural Context and Character Analysis31:43 Investigator Characters: A Missed Opportunity36:11 Exploring Family Dynamics and Cultural Identity39:14 Legal and Ethical Dilemmas Explored43:13 The Impact of Social Media on 'Baby Reindeer'48:03 Upcoming Shows and Series Discussions

Wednesday May 08, 2024
In this episode of 'Need Some Introduction', host Victor delves into the new Apple TV+ science fiction thriller 'Dark Matter', based on Blake Crouch's novel. He compares the series to the book, expressing satisfaction with its faithful adaptation while foreseeing potential filler in the show's long episodes. Victor also discusses the mixed critical reception of 'Dark Matter' and its exploration of alternate lives, a theme resonating in pop culture's recent fascination with multiverses. Additionally, Victor champions 'The Big Door Prize', another Apple TV+ series based on a novel. Despite its low popularity, he praises its exploration of personal destiny and recommends it for its unique storytelling and emotional depth. Victor then discusses his relationship with Blake Crouch's works, recommending other shows like 'Shining Girls', 'Constellation', and discussing the concept of doppelgangers through various recommendations. The episode also includes a 'science corner' where Victor explains quantum superposition and multiverses, providing a deeper understanding of the science behind the concepts explored in 'Dark Matter' and similar narratives.
00:00 Introduction to Dark Matter: A New Sci-Fi Thriller00:09 Initial Thoughts on Dark Matter and Its Adaptation01:05 Exploring the Multiverse in Pop Culture01:32 The Science Behind Dark Matter and Multiverse Theories01:38 Diving Into The Big Door Prize: An Underrated Gem02:29 Apple TV Plus and Its Literary Adaptations08:17 Dark Matter: Breaking Down the First Two Episodes40:20 Recommendations: Doppelgangers and Alternate Realities43:26 Science Corner: Understanding Superposition and Multiverses50:06 Wrapping Up and Looking Ahead

Friday May 03, 2024
Need Some Introduction podcast episode provides an in-depth analysis of the first six episodes of the Apple TV Plus series 'Sugar' starring Colin Farrell, questioning the impact of its late-season reveal on the audience's appreciation and expectations for a second season. Additionally, the episode offers a spoiler-free review of 'The Fall Guy,' directed by David Leitch and starring Ryan Gosling, discussing its successes, the career trajectories of Gosling and Leitch, and the cultural significance of highlighting stunt work in cinema. Furthermore, the episode touches on broader trends within the film industry, including the shifts in the summer blockbuster season away from Marvel films, and speculates on the future of Marvel's cinematic universe. The discussion also delves into Colin Farrell's career evolution and concludes with anticipatory thoughts on the remaining aspects of 'Sugar's' plot and its implications for future storytelling in the series.
00:00 Introduction to the Episode: Diving into 'Sugar' and 'The Fall Guy'01:06 Deep Dive into 'The Fall Guy': Review and Insights05:35 Exploring Ryan Gosling's Career and Charisma21:31 Unpacking 'Sugar': A Modern LA Noire with a Twist33:53 The Mysterious Pilot Episode34:26 Unraveling the Noir Mystery34:47 Deepening the Investigation36:12 Supernatural Abilities and Hidden Agendas37:10 Revelations and Confessions37:36 A Party with Hidden Motives40:18 The Dark Underbelly of Hollywood43:20 Betrayal and Supernatural Twists49:32 Alien Reveal and Lingering Questions52:09 Reflecting on the Series and Its Context56:56 Final Thoughts and Upcoming Content

Wednesday May 01, 2024
In this episode of 'Need Some Introduction', the host provides updates and reviews on multiple TV series and films. The episode features a continuation of the Baby Reindeer review, discussions on episodes three and four of 'Under the Bridge', a spoiler-free review of the first two episodes of Elizabeth Moss's new FX series 'The Veil', and a preview of the upcoming review on the Apple TV series 'Sugar'. Additionally, the episode anticipates a review of 'The Fall Guys', an action rom-com starring Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt. The host reflects on the unexpected success and controversy surrounding Baby Reindeer, delves into the dynamics and themes of 'The Veil', and provides insights into 'Under the Bridge', focusing on its exploration of character psychology and the complexity of teenage dynamics. Throughout, the host engages in thoughtful commentary on the storytelling, character development, and social impact of these series, hinting at broader themes of trauma, identity, and the nuances of human relationships.
00:00 Welcome and Upcoming Episode Teasers02:29 Deep Dive into Baby Reindeer Series09:33 First Impressions: The Veil Series Review20:50 Under the Bridge Series Analysis30:29 Closing Thoughts and Future Episodes

Saturday Apr 27, 2024
This episode of 'Need Some Introduction' dives deep into the careers of filmmakers Guy Ritchie and Matthew Vaughn, examining their individual successes, failures, and the fascinating parallel paths their careers have taken. It discusses Ritchie's early life, his breakthrough with films like 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' and 'Snatch', and his rocky career phases, including his marriage to Madonna and box office flops, leading up to his recent successes with Netflix's 'The Gentleman' series and other projects. Matthew Vaughn's journey from Ritchie's production partner to successful director with films like 'Layer Cake', 'Stardust', and 'Kingsman' series is also explored. The episode critically analyzes the distinct styles of both directors, their impact on modern cinema, and speculates on their future projects and potential career directions.
00:00 Introduction to Guy Ritchie and Matthew Vaughn's Parallel Careers00:58 Guy Ritchie's Early Life and Breakthrough02:31 Ritchie's Signature Style and Early Successes06:05 Career Challenges and Personal Life Turmoil08:13 Matthew Vaughn's Rising Career and Diverging Paths09:22 Ritchie's Comeback with Sherlock Holmes and Subsequent Successes14:12 The Gentleman: A Return to Form and Netflix Success17:58 Comparing Ritchie and Vaughn's Recent Projects and Future Outlook33:39 Final Thoughts and Upcoming Content

Tuesday Apr 23, 2024
This episode of 'Need Some Introduction' centers around a detailed breakdown of the season finale of the FX series 'Shogun,' adapted from James Clavell's 1975 novel. The host explores the episode's pivotal moments, character arcs, and how the series draws parallels with historical events and figures from the Edo period of Japanese history. Additionally, the episode provides recommendations for films related to the Edo period, offering insights into historical accuracy and cultural representation. Films discussed include the 1962 samurai drama 'Harakiri' and its 2011 remake, 'Yojimbo' by Akira Kurosawa, and 'Twilight Samurai' starring Hiroyuki Sanada. The narrative also covers the historical parallels between the series' characters and their real-life counterparts, providing a deeper understanding of the show's themes and the period it depicts.
00:00 Welcome to the Season Finale Breakdown of Shogun01:05 Diving Into the Edo Period: Film Recommendations07:19 Exploring the Heart of Shogun: Episode 10 Recap27:50 The Historical Context Behind Shogun's Characters31:49 Reflecting on the Edo Period and Its Representation36:05 Concluding Thoughts and Upcoming Content

Friday Apr 19, 2024
In this episode of 'Need Some Introduction,' host Victor discusses a variety of TV shows and films, giving recommendations and mini-reviews. Initially planned to discuss Guy Ritchie's works, including 'The Gentleman' adaptation and a new film in theaters, Victor pivots to cover 'Under the Bridge,' a new Hulu crime drama based on a true story and the book by Rebecca Godfrey. The conversation with co-host Sona also touches on other content dealing with trauma and true crime, including mini-reviews of 'The Iron Claw' and 'Baby Reindeer,' a Netflix series based on Richard Gad's experience. Victor and Sona then dive into 'Under the Bridge,' examining its themes, character dynamics, and comparison to other crime dramas like 'Mare of Easttown.' The discussion spans teenage psychology, the exploration of family and societal issues, and the anticipation for upcoming episodes. Additionally, Victor offers recommendations on documentaries and series such as 'Amy,' 'American Murder: The Family Next Door,' and 'The Girl from Plainville,' highlighting their thematic resonances with 'Under the Bridge.'
00:00 Introduction to the Podcast and Upcoming Episodes
00:49 Deep Dive into 'Under the Bridge' Series
02:30 Exploring 'The Iron Claw' and Themes of Masculinity
08:40 Unpacking 'Baby Reindeer' and Its Complex Themes
14:30 Discussion on 'Under the Bridge' with Sona
15:40 Recommendations: From Amy Winehouse to True Crime Documentaries
25:18 Character Analysis and Series Themes
26:20 Diverse Cast and 90s Nostalgia
27:08 Teenage Rebellion and Family Dynamics
29:41 Socioeconomic and Cultural Observations
30:49 Exploring the Underclass in Society
32:06 The Psychology of Choosing a Different Path
34:42 Murder Mystery and Character Development
39:33 Reflections on Episode Structure and Length
42:01 Comparative Analysis with Other Shows
45:03 Final Thoughts and Future Plans

Tuesday Apr 16, 2024
These titles aim to reflect the podcast's focus on science fiction adaptations, post-apocalyptic themes, and the examination of how video games like Fallout translate into television and other media forms, as well as discussions on other sci-fi series and movies.
In this episode of 'Need Some Introduction', host Victor discusses several post-apocalyptic science fiction adaptations, focusing primarily on the Fallout video game adaptation on Amazon Prime, and also touching on 'Three Body Problem' on Netflix and 'Invincible' on Amazon Prime. While providing a spoiler-free overview, Victor delves into full spoilers for Fallout, offers insights into the complexities of adapting dystopian tales, and reviews other related content. Additionally, Victor revisits topics from previous episodes, shares viewer feedback, and previews upcoming content including a review of Guy Ritchie's film 'The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare' and a season-long recap of the 'Shogun' series. The episode also features recommendations for related sci-fi materials and upcoming series, while engaging with the audience for feedback and discussions on future content.
00:00 Introduction to the Episode: Fallout and More
00:46 Circling Back: Updates and Recommendations
02:11 Upcoming Reviews and Series Coverage
05:12 Box Office Discussions and Industry Insights
13:38 Deep Dive into Invincible Season Two
21:42 Reflecting on Season Finales and Adaptation Challenges
21:50 The Three Body Problem: A Netflix Adaptation Review
25:08 Adapting Game of Thrones: A Comparative Analysis
29:41 Exploring Other Sci-Fi and Post-Apocalyptic Recommendations
33:19 Deep Dive into Fallout: The Video Game Adaptation
41:44 Spoiler-Free Review and Recommendations
42:08 Unpacking Fallout: Spoilers and Analysis
47:11 Final Thoughts and Upcoming Content

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