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Deep dives into your favorite shows Currently Watching: Succession Yellowjackets Previous Coverage: Your Honor - Showtime Poker Face (Peacock) The Last of Us - HBO Fleishman is in Trouble - Hulu The White Lotus - HBO The Consultant (Amazon Prime) The Peripheral (Amazon Prime) House of the Dragon Better Call Saul Severance (AppleTV+) Black Bird Shining Girls Mare of Easttown Nine Perfect Strangers The Boys Barry Moon Knight Loki Ozark Andor The Patient (Hulu) I recommend music, movies and TV to my friends and we discuss them. We do deep dives on whatever we are watching as well as music we are discovering (or re-discovering). We appreciate any fandom, so let us know what topic you may want to learn more about.

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19 hours ago

We re-publish our most popular Succession conversations, from last season. 
First, I have a short review of the new Bob Odenkirk series, Lucky Hank, and preview our upcoming series on the podcast. 
Psychology of the Roys(12:00)
Then, I discuss the psychological dynamics of the Roy family with Sarah. 
Chiantishire (1:16:00)
Sona and I discuss the penultimate episode of the previous season, Chiantishire.
Season 3 Finale (1:36:00)
Sona and I review the final episode of the previous season.

4 days ago

Well here is the final statement on the show, Your Honor. It's a relatively quiet end to the show. With so many open endings, it seems poised for another season rather than a series conclusion.
Before we get into that recap, I have seen the latest Scream film and I have some spoiler free commentary for Sona.
You Season 4 (25:00)
Then Sona discusses the most recent season of You now that the back half of the season has been released. How happy was she with the big twist?
Yellowjackets Season 1 Finale Recap (54:00)
Last, we republish our recap of last season's finale of Yellowjackets, as we approach next week's premier.

Monday Mar 13, 2023

There isn't any light. Joel lies and Ellie knows it... but sometimes plausible deniability is easier.
Then, I give you my instant reaction to the Academy Awards.

Friday Mar 10, 2023

The end is in sight. Michael contemplates an offer from Jimmy. Desire 2.0 = Desire 1.0. 
Poker Face - Season Finale (55:00)
A fun episode (with some ideas, to boot) wraps up this hugely entertaining season.

Monday Mar 06, 2023

Ellie doesn't find religion. You don't need to inject the antibiotics exactly into the site of the infection (but I probably would so the same). Pastor David takes "serving" his congregation to another level.
Oscar Best to Worst (40:00)
I try ranking the 10 Oscar nominated films from best to worst and provide where you can watch them.

Friday Mar 03, 2023

Sona joins me for the plot breakdown of the most recent episode.
Monique opens her club but loses more than she gains. Gina is never forgiving Jimmy. Fia gets good advice from a bad lawyer. Eugene has unrealistic faith in the judicial system. 
Shrinking (45:00)
Then we get Sarah's opinion on the AppleTV+ series, Shrinking.

Monday Feb 27, 2023

Ellie has her first trip to the mall, her first kiss, her first bit from a fungal zombie, her first wound closing via needle and thread (presumably). FEDRA is doing a terrible job of training their recruits to kill these zombies (go for the head). 
The Consultant spoilers (58:00)
Then Celia and I discuss the new Amazon Prime workplace horror satire, The Consultant.

Friday Feb 24, 2023

All the dominoes are falling. It's the end of the world as he knows it... and Jimmy Baxter feels fine...better than fine. Charlie still hasn't revealed all of his secrets, I think. Fia needs a new home. Gina is always thinking about one thing... Gina. Big Mo has big problems... and few friends.

Monday Feb 20, 2023

After a brief and spoiler-free review of Quantumania and a some sci-fi romantic comedy recommendations I break down the latest episode, Kin, which is my favorite episode of the show, so far. 
Things are pretty nice in Wyoming, if you don't mind the snow. Joel wants to be a sheep herding country singer. Ellie reads someone's diary and has lots of notes to the author. Tommy is going to be a daddy and doesn't want to turn into Joel.

Friday Feb 17, 2023

Sharper on AppleTV is a fun con game.
The pace is picking up. Rather than being forgotten, Robin's death may be the lynchpin to this final stretch of the show. Carmine thinks he knows Jimmy's business better than Jimmy does. Monique has a tainted-heroin problem AND a Eugene problem. To no one's surprise, Carlo is a terrible babysitter. Fia makes goo goo eyes at a handsome priest (she has terrible taste in men).
Bad Sisters (41:25)
Celia and I discuss a hidden gem (to me) from last season, Bad Sisters.

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